Hi! I’m Collins

10 Fun Facts About Me:

1. The beach is my favorite place to be
2. I am on a quest to perfect baking a pie crust from scratch
3. Sydney, Australia used to be a bucket list destination, but since I married an Aussie, it’s now my home away from home
4. Hockey is my favorite sport. GO KINGS GO!
5. I love cars. Classic or new, I don’t discriminate. I’m a major gearhead
6. I am a proud OC native
7. I learned to drive on a tractor when I was 8
8. I’m obsessed with Mexican food! Enchiladas and Margaritas all the way
9. I love Disneyland and would visit the park every day if I could
10. I love that my work allows me to meet and document so many amazing families, homes and events